Lab Title Topic Organism Level
Bacteria and Antibiotics Microbiology Bacteria MS
Bacterial Culture Techniques Microbiology Bacteria HS
Bacterial Transformation Transformation Bacteria MS, HS
Diversity of Life Cell Biology Animal, Bacteria, Plant MS
DNA Extraction DNA Extraction Bacteria, Human, Plant MS
Effects of DNA Methylation on Restriction Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Gene Therapy Transformation Bacteria MS
Protein Purification Proteins Bacteria HS
Purification and Identification of Plasmid DNA DNA Extraction + Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Recombination of Antibiotic Resistance Genes Recombination Bacteria HS
Replica Plating to Identify Mixed E. coli Populations Microbiology Bacteria HS
Restriction Analysis Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Using DNA Barcodes to Identify and Classify Living Things DNA Barcoding Animal, Bacteria, Plant HS
Viral Infection Viruses Bacteria MS