Lab Title Topic Organism Level
Amplifying Lambda DNA Viruses None HS
Bacterial Culture Techniques Microbiology Bacteria HS
Bacterial Transformation Transformation Bacteria MS, HS
Constructing an RNAi Feeding Vector RNAi Animal HS
Culturing and Observing C. elegans RNAi Animal HS
Detecting a Transposon Transposons Plant HS
Detecting Epigenetic DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis Epigenetics Plant HS
Detecting Genetically Modified Foods by PCR Genetically Modified Organisms Plant HS
Detecting the D1S80 Repeat Polymorphism by PCR Population Genetics Human HS
Effects of DNA Methylation on Restriction Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Examining the RNAi Mechanism RNAi Animal HS
Linkage Mapping a Mutation in Arabidopsis Mutations Plant HS
Protein Purification Proteins Bacteria HS
Purification and Identification of Plasmid DNA DNA Extraction + Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Recombination of Antibiotic Resistance Genes Recombination Bacteria HS
Replica Plating to Identify Mixed E. coli Populations Microbiology Bacteria HS
Restriction Analysis Restriction Analysis Bacteria HS
Restriction Mapping Restriction Analysis None HS
Using E. coli Feeding Strains to Induce RNAi and Knock Down Genes RNAi Animal HS
Using a Single-nucleotide Polymorphism to Predict Bitter-tasting Ability Population Genetics Human HS
Using an Alu Insertion Polymorphism to Study Human Populations Population Genetics Human HS
Using DNA Barcodes to Identify and Classify Living Things DNA Barcoding Animal, Bacteria, Plant HS
Using mtDNA Polymorphisms in Evolutionary Biology Population Genetics Human HS